1000ct 9MM 147gr Minor power factor (Match grade)

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9MM 147 gr bullet that make minor power factor out of 5″ barrel. These cartridges use a Federal premium small match primer and every round is chamber checked before being packaged. They are loaded to an average overall length of 1.130.

Average out of a 5″ pistol is 890 fps.

In competition we all want the light trigger pulls and softest recoil we can get. To do that we all use lighter springs and start to slow down some of the processes that happen internal to the guns that make them operate. This in turn rides the fine line between performance and failure to ignite. Our match grade ammo uses the federal small match pistol primers which are one of the softest primers and allow for more room for performance before reaching the cliff of that fine line.

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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

3 reviews for 1000ct 9MM 147gr Minor power factor (Match grade)

  1. Steve Champine (verified owner)

    Bought 1k of the match grade and 1k regular for use in USPSA and IDPA matches after hearing about them on a podcasts. I have shot all but 250 rounds and both batches have worked perfectly in two different guns. Love the ammo and will buy more.

  2. Blake Arnold (verified owner)

    I’ve shot maybe 7,000 rounds or so of this ammo and I haven’t had a single malfunction. It ships quick and is exactly as advertised. I started reloading my own ammo a little while back, but I still use this for any major matches because it’s incredibly reliable and consistent. If you’re looking for something soft shooting, reliable, and great for competition shooting you’ve found it!

  3. Bob Curry

    I just finished running different manufacturers 147g ammo on the chrono using my Sig Match Elite 1911. I have to say the NC 147 is the softest feeling ammo, had a STD deviation of 6, and made 129PF in 85F Florida heat. It’s accurate too. I’ve run this same load (and their 125g Match) in my CZs and haven’t looked back at the other offerings. This ammo shoots fantastically, ships fast, and the owner called me yesterday apologizing for the delay in my order. Now that IS customer service!!!

    Bob Curry

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